What is Candle Magic?

What is Candle Magic? By a Journey into Magi

Have you heard of candle magic? 
I bet you have, but perhaps you just haven’t thought about it being “magic”.
Before we think about where you might know it from, let’s work out what candle magic is.

What is candle magic?

Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of spellcasting, as it doesn’t require a lot of fuss, ritual or ceremonial tools. In other words, anyone with a candle can cast a spell. Candles or more specifically the flame uses the power of fire.  Fire is an element of transformation or change. Fire melts the solid wax, which then changes it into a liquid.
it can change:

  • paper into ash.
  • batter into cake
  • coldness into warmth.

How to use candle magic

Choose the colour of the candle.

Here’s a list of general colours and they’re meaning / correspondences, (but if you associate healing with Green there is nothing to stop you using it for a healing spell – there are no spell police – remember the candles, the colours even the crystals are designed to focus your intent – Colours each have their own vibrations and energy and you are simply adding this energy to a spell. Even a simple white tea-light, when added to your intent can bring about changes.

Candle magic can even be done using tealights
  • Red: Courage and health, sexual love, and lust
  • Pink: Friendship and sweet love
  • Orange: Attraction and encouragement
  • Gold: Financial gain, business endeavours
  • Yellow: Persuasion and protection
  • Green: Financial gain, abundance, and fertility
  • Light Blue: Health, patience, and understanding
  • Dark Blue: Depression and vulnerability
  • Purple: Ambition and power
  • Brown: Earth-related or animal-related workings
  • Black: Negativity and banishment
  • White: Purity and truth*
  • Silver: Reflection, intuition, and lunar connections

Other add-ons you could include

The use of herbs, crystals or even carving symbols or writing onto a candle again they add their vibration or energy, you can add them into the wax if you’re making the candle, you can glue them on, or place them on a tray around the base of the candle.

The spell

  • Decide on a goal.
  • Visualize the end result.
  • Focus your intent, or will, to manifest that result.
  • Start taking steps, to making it happen
Fire is a transformative element

Decide on a goal. – what do you want the spell to do? Make it specific.  Are you trying to end something, start something new? Heal something.  As I’ve said before you can add extra energies to he spell for specific jobs – for example adding red rose petals around the candle for love.

Visualise the end result. – As I’ve mentioned before in other blogs visualising the end result You’re programming new neural pathways in your brain.

Focus your intent, or will, to manifest that result. You can even write yourself a little rhyme or spell – again it’s just something for you to direct your energies –if you’re reciting the spell your brain won’t be wondering to what shall I have for dinner…

Start by taking steps, to making it happen – as I’ve covered before, part of making something happen is you making a change.  Start by making room in your life for what you wanted, if it’s a new job, learn new skills you’ll need in your new job etc.

An example of a spell for abundance

By north & south
by east & west
may money find it’s way to me
by the path that is for the best.
May it harm non it is my will.
Abundance now flows freely still

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just “feel” the energy going into each line as you perform the spell.  By spending a few minutes with the lit candle perhaps reciting your spell, while visualising it coming true.

Still, don’t think you do candle magic?

What about when you were a kid on your birthday making a wish and blowing out the candle on the cake?  One of the first spells we try – and when it doesn’t work out it can stop us believing in magic.  But the spells or wishes we make as kids aren’t necessarily for our highest good, or even physically practical in a 3d earth.  Just because they didn’t work out doesn’t mean you can’t make things happen now.

What about Catholic Advent candles used in the period of advent leading upto Christmas.  Burning down until part of the candle and the wreath surrounding them have a symbolic representation.
There are four candles around the outside representing
And one in the middle representing the light of Christ.  They are burned at different times during the month lead up to Christmas. It focuses their intent thoughts into thinking about Christ, his “birth” his life and his second coming. I think this falls under candle magic as they’re setting intentions with their thoughts and making plans for Christmas and the year ahead.

Advent candles are a form of candle magic - A Journey into magic

In a church or temple, you may light a candle for someone else – or even yourself.  To “light a candle for someone” indicates one’s intention to say a prayer for another person, making a wish?  Or calling in the magic.
It doesn’t matter what you call it, the intention is just the same, to help someone. 

In Conclusion

No candle making is not a quick fix – it’s unlikely that if you wish for £1million pounds that the money will suddenly just arrive in your bank account (unlikely, but not strictly impossible) it can be used as part of your intention setting, manifesting or “wishing”.  But remember you have to make the first step. When reading around some articles for my post,  I came across this blog post, about Sex Candle magic.  In the post, the lady bought a candle to improve her sex-life.  It was carved with and the intention set, she burned it and then waited, and waited.  It didn’t seem to have any effect.  But She missed out the next step – which is to take a step however small to make it happen. It was only after that she talked to her partner that things started to change.

So candle magic is simple to do,  in fact, we may already be using it without realising it.
It’s just a tool or part of a collection of tools to help focus your own intent and energy to achieving an end result.

What would you use candle magic for or have you already let me know below in the comment

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